30 Minute Fitness




30 Minute Fitness is an interval workout with a personal trainer
for people of all ages and strength levels to improve their physical well-being by raising and lowing heart rate in conjunction with breathing, core exercises, and kickboxing.

30 Minute Fitness Team




Core is abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles around the pelvis that connect to all the other muscles of the body. These muscles play a central role in everything you do and it's where all body movements begin.
Stretches and core exercises improve balance, stability, and posture. This is where a healthy body starts!

5:30 am Class

Sumo Squats

Power Sled

Battle Ropes


Cable Machine

Kettle Bell Squat

Dead Lift Arm Curl


Smith Machine


Kick Boxing


Balance Ball

The Fusion 4 Squat is a three step core exercise that involves 4.. triceps, abs, gluts, and hands. All at the same time.

Libby performing the

"Fusion 4 Squat"


Libby used her Garmin fitness watch to monitor her heart rate for a one hour workout. She started recording just after stretching and warming up. We used the green, yellow, red light set in 2 1/2 minute rounds. The chart shows how she brought her heart rate up and down in intervals. The first 20 minutes was core training and kick boxing. The second half, still with a good heart rate interval, was her upper body workout.

Libby's Garmin Results


      We Expect Results ..
Holly and Michael both lost 15 Pounds!
Congratulations to you both! "I want to thank Dr. Dan for opening this gym and encouraging me to try it. I have never been to a gym and worked out - only walking, riding bikes, and hand weights. So this was out of my comfort zone a ton!!! Michael is so patient, easy going and non judgmental, that he makes it easy to feel good about exercising. I have noticed so much difference in myself. In 6 weeks with exercise and better eating I have lost 15 pounds. Thank you Michael!!!" - Holly
You're Welcome Holly! - Michael
I also want to thank Dr. Dan. Workouts were always tough for me. Commitment was the hardest part, but now I've given myself no choice becoming a full time personal trainer. Some years ago, I started working out at a basic gym being only somewhat successful. With little knowledge, I built my arms and chest up.  Then one day cooking pasta in the kitchen, I could't figure out why an iron skillet was so heavy to pick up and move around the stove! This of course, did not make any sense until Dr. Dan asked me what kind of workouts I was doing. He then introduced me to core training. So, I started over, and now I'm the strongest I have ever been in my life! - Michael
Libby has lost 15 pounds!
WOW! I love working out here! I am a runner, and have a hard time doing other workouts. I am having fun, working hard and keeping my body guessing what is coming next. I feel comfortable here and have a lot of help to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly as to gain max benefit as well as to not hurt myself. I have already noticed a huge difference in my posture and core strength. I am hooked!
New goals are to lose 5 more pounds, build upper body strength, and now succeeded 10 pull ups and 10 full plank push ups! - Libby
September - Accomplished!
New goal is 1 full pull up!
Congrats to your goals and your new record runs times! - Michael
May 3rd, 2019
Sept 25, 2019
WOW! Congratulations Marie!
It all started with a phone call. Marie was in pain and in dire need of chiropractic. She had a hard time walking through the door her first visit and in a short time, with Dr. Dan's care, she bounced back! Marie then started personal training sessions building up core strength and increased her stability. 
Then, Marie introduced us to Juice Plus. Dr. Dan and Michael reviewed the product contents and after personal use, they realized this would benefit their patient's/client's over all health and wellness.
Thank You, Marie!
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